Keeping our patients’ smiles in their best condition is our priority. We work with you to maintain the highest degree of oral health by demonstrating ways to care for teeth and gums at home, and by correcting problems as early as possible. Park City Dental is your dental office for excellence in care. Our treatment rooms are equipped with the latest dental technologies, and we use high-quality materials for the repair of teeth when necessary. Some of the restorative services you will find with our highly trained staff includes:

Dental Crowns

When teeth have sustained extensive damage from a large cavity, infection, or trauma, a dental crown will be recommended to restore strength to the weakened structure. Dental crowns may be fabricated from materials such as gold, metal alloy, or porcelain. For years, all-metal crowns were the standard. Today, your smile can be restored in the most attractive way. Park City Dental and our state-of-the-art dental laboratory design and fabricate crowns with aesthetics in mind. Metal crowns are typically gold, which are not only incredibly strong but also easily hidden in the back of the mouth. For a purely natural appearance, metal-based crowns may be coated with porcelain, or an all-porcelain crown will be made.
Crowns fully cover a tooth that needs structure restored. We take strategic measures to assure a predictable outcome from this treatment, using innovative techniques, precision, and an artistic eye.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge incorporates dental crowns with an artificial tooth (pontic). This procedure has long been used to replace missing teeth with long-lasting function and beauty. A dental bridge is a single unit with a dental crown at each end, and an artificial tooth in the middle. Each separate “tooth” is fused together to create a strong bridge that spans an empty space in the mouth. To fit a dental bridge, the two teeth neighboring the gap are slightly reduced to accommodate dental crowns. These teeth serve as anchors, providing stability in chewing. In just two visits, one for preparation and one for fitting, a missing tooth can be successfully replaced.


Park City Dental has several years of experience crafting new dentures, and re-fitting existing dentures that have become loose over time. Dentures have been a mainstay in dentistry for many decades, successfully replacing missing teeth with a high degree of natural beauty. Today’s dentures are made with high-quality materials, and designed for precise fit.

We create partial and full arch dentures with great care. Each type of appliance is removable for easy cleaning. Partial dentures, designed to replace a few teeth, are held in place with comfortable, durable clasps. Full arch dentures, traditionally, are held in place with natural suction against the gums, or with help from reliable denture adhesive.

Dentures and Jaw Resorption

The issue that has been discovered with traditional dentures is that the jaw needs stimulation in order to remain fully intact. In the absence of natural tooth structure, including the root, which attaches to the jaw, bone tissue breaks down gradually, leading to lips and cheeks that are sunken in. Conventional dentures sit on top of gum tissue, and are not able to address the needs of the jawbone. Solutions to this problem may be overdentures, which are fitted over a few remaining teeth, or over dental implants.

The doctors at Park City Dental have the training and experience to assist patients in finding their ideal solution to missing teeth.

Old Dental Work

Many people have fillings and other restorations that do not enhance their smiles. Amalgam fillings and traditional metal crowns are two examples of old dental work that Park City Dental regularly replaces. Today, dental materials are intended to rejuvenate teeth, without impacting the natural appearance. If you have old fillings, crowns, veneers, or other restorations that no longer serve your needs, we can help you refresh your smile in a way that is healthy and attractive.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a procedure performed on a tooth that has been extensively damaged from an infection in the dental pulp. Infection may develop when a cavity goes untreated or a tooth has been fractured, and will produce a great deal of pain as the nerve of the tooth is within the infected pulp. To treat pain, the infected pulp must be successfully removed. Root canal therapy is performed under local anesthetic, so you are able to undergo treatment in comfort. During this procedure, damaged tooth structure is removed, and a tiny hole is drilled to expose the inner chamber, where infection lies. Using specialized tools, we will remove the infected pulp tissue, and the cleaned root canal is filled with material that will seal out bacteria. After root canal therapy, a permanent crown will need to be placed to keep the treated tooth strong and functional.