If your teeth are beyond repair…

Affordable dentures with mini-implants are a great option both for people considering their first set of dentures and those unhappy with their current set.

Dentures should be replaced every 5-7 years.

If you keep your dentures for too long without replacing them, both health and facial issues can begin to manifest. For instance, as the bone is slowly re-absorbed into the body (shrinks), your “false teeth” can become ill-fitting or loose resulting in discomfort and difficulty eating.

Also, if you go too long without replacing your dentures, as the bones structure changes, your face can become distorted and appear un-naturally old or “shrunken” without the aid of dentures designed to accommodate those changes.

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Have you considered dentures with mini implants?

Dental implants are the preferred tooth replacement technology. Why? Because with “old style” false teeth, you suffer regular bone loss in your upper and lower jaws and risk your teeth falling out in public. With implants, the bone is retained because it forms around the implant just the way it does around your real tooth. Your bone doesn’t know the difference. And your teeth stay firmly in place.

Other benefits:

  • You can eat anything – teeth that look as good or better than your real teeth and let you chew any food.
  • No embarrassing “accidents” – teeth firmly fastened in place that won’t “pop out.”
  • No more discomfort – the pain of ill-fitting dentures is gone.
  • Look younger – Healthier bone structure in your face for a more youthful appearance.

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